Improving Your Health with Brain Foods

Let's face it; you're busy. Life is non-stop, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Keeping your mind sharp so that you can excel at the daily grind can be challenging. One way to improve your mind is with the help of nature's brain foods. Brain foods, or superfoods, are foods that have shown to improve the function of the brain.

One of the most impressive brain foods is the blueberry. Blueberries, consumed in any form, whether they are frozen, fresh or even freeze-dried can provide your brain with protection against age-related conditions. The fruit is a powerful antioxidant that protects the brain from oxidative stress and reduces the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, blueberries improve the blood flow to and from the brain giving it more power to function.

Much like the blueberry, pomegranates provide the brain with protection against free radicals. Pomegranates assist in improving blood flow to the brain, giving so th…

Should You Get the Flu Shot?

The flu shot is a vaccine that you are injected with to reduce the risk of getting the flu virus. "Experts" recommend that anyone above the age of 6 months should get one every year from around September to May. They claim the flu vaccine contains dead or inactive forms of the flu virus that will ensure you do not contract, or pass, the virus to anyone else.

Sounds good right? But why is the government, so determined to make it mandatory to receive the vaccine? Research shows there is no evidence the flu shot reduces transmission rates. Reports are there, yes, but not enough to document it as fact.

Pharmaceutical companies earn in the billions annually from flu shot sales.
The alliance for national health reported that the federal government invested $400 million of taxpayers' money in vaccine giants such as Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline to develop new vaccines in 2012 alone.JPMorgan investment bank estimated that in 2009 alone, pharmaceutical corporations made $10-$15 bill…

Kick the Sugar Habit

Everyone loves that sweet treat, whether it is a little snack in the afternoon or the dessert you just can't resist. While a small sugary pick-me-up might seem like a "must-have" in the afternoon hours, consider what that treat is doing to your body. Often associated with weight gain, there are other factors related to indulging in sugar frequently.

Toxic to Liver - Sugar has shown to have a similar toxic result on the liver to that of alcohol. The excess glucose that it causes your body to produce can be troublesome for the liver to filter.

Heart Damage - Large and consistent amounts of sugar can put undue stress on your heart when it enters the bloodstream. This stress can cause the muscle function of the heart to malfunction. The damage can lead to heart attack.

Brain Health - Excess sugar over long periods of time have shown to be dangerous to the way your brain retains memories. It has an adverse effect on brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a chemical within the…

Thyroid Problems in Women

Natural Remedies for Thyroid Problems in Women
The thyroid is a gland produces the hormone Thyroxine. This hormone regulates the body’s metabolism, meaning the speed at which the body produces energy from oxygen and nutrients. Since it controls a biological process affecting all body organs, it plays a critical part in how well these functions operate. The most notable ones among them are determining the rate of your heart beat and how fast your body burns calories.

Approximately 20 million Americans are affected by a type of Thyroid disease. 60 percent of those affected are not aware of their condition. Furthermore, women have a higher probability of being affected by Thyroid disease than men. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop problems with their Thyroid during their lifetime. There are several causes of thyroid problems in women. Their effects include
Difficulty in getting pregnant as Thyroid disease affects your menstrual cycle which in turn, affects your ovulation.…

Are Organic and Natural Foods Healthier?

While years ago you may have been faced with the choice between a red apple or a green apple, now you have all of these other factors to consider. When trying to navigate the maze of produce aisles, you see organic food labels and claims of a healthier diet that can be confusing. Is organic and natural food really better for your health? Do conventional foods lead to cancer and other diseases? All of these questions have resulted in a dilemma for consumers shopping at the market.

It is important to note that the terms "natural" and "organic" are not interchangeable. While a food labeled as "natural" is free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, it does not indicate any specific methods or materials that were used to produce the food ingredients.

The word "organic" describes how farmers grow and process their agricultural products. In the U.S., organic agriculture is required to be cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides, gen…

7 Common Hormone Dysfunctions

Learn How Chemical Imbalances, Digestion, Blood Sugar, Unexplained Weight Gain, Fatigue, Depression, and Menstrual Cycle Difficulties are Related to Your Hormones

Chemical Imbalances

For our cells and organs to know how to behave they have to receive signals. Hormones are the body's messengers that carry these chemical signals to regulate all of our body's functions. They control everything from our most basic needs like hunger, thirst, and sleep to incredibly complex systems like reproduction and digestion. They even play significant roles in our moods and emotions. 

Hormones are created in the endocrine gland as well as some other glands throughout the body, and there are many different hormones with numerous different functions, which all work in conjunction with one another to keep us functioning. Imbalances in one can cause imbalances in another, and these imbalances can cause some adverse effects on the body. When one or more of our hormones are not at the right level, our …

What are the Health Differences Between Smoothies and Juicing?

Over the past decade or so, both smoothies and juicing have become increasingly popular among both everyday people and fitness gurus alike due to their nutritious content, creativity, and fast nutrient absorption.

However, what most people do not know is that, though both drinks offer a convenient, satisfying way to get your full day's worth of fruits, veggies, and more, they are not created equal. In fact, the following comparisons will help you understand the health benefits between the two.

Both Juicing and Smoothies Make It Easier to Consume More Fruits and Veggies

Both juicing and smoothies offer a convenient way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, which is good for you. The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables alone are enough to ward off many illnesses. In fact, studies show that consuming five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily can decrease the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease as well as reduce the possibility of stroke by approximately 26 …