The Truth About Cholesterol Medication

The Truth About Cholesterol Medication
Holistic Healthcare holds many key benefits over traditional medical treatments. One of these is its inherent ability to treat so many health ailments without encouragement or exaggeration of side effects and complications. When it comes to particularly advanced health conditions, being able to affect condition positively without inducing additional problems is especially vital. Holistic means to treat the body as a whole.

I would like to specifically address traditional, big pharma-based cholesterol medications. This group of drugs is administered to millions of people each year. Certainly, one cannot say that successful cholesterol maintenance via his route has not been achieved. One reason for this drug group's market successes is that of successful outcomes. However, another reason for such market success is due to lack of awareness in the alternative, holistic treatment methods.

Big-pharma cholesterol drugs do indeed help with many cases of cholesterol management. In many cases, this comes at a profound cost, though. Side effects are something we're all aware of in most medications today. However, due to regulatory systems being altered within the body, the particular side effects experienced in big-pharma medication approaches to cholesterol management can be quite serious.

Six, Ugly Truths

When one becomes aware of the side effects and hidden truths about these artificial, lab-made meds, it becomes apparent that the holistic way is a much safer and healthier one for the entirety of the body. Don't just take our word for it, though. Here are six, scientifically noted examples of the ugly and often unspoken sides of big-pharma cholesterol medications.

1. Diabetes Facilitation - Diabetes is a condition that involves the body's disability to properly regulate blood sugar levels and thus lots of other body functions as well. Its sufferers are often struck with a lifetime of troubles due to this harsh condition. Believe it or not, because of the potential for these traditional, cholesterol-lowering drugs to also interact with blood sugar levels and bodily regulation therein, the onset of diabetes directly due to taking these types of drugs is a valid and verified risk, as confirmed by the FDA:

2. Digestive Problems - An even more widespread difficulty spawned by the use of these popular medications is that of digestive irregularities and conditions. From constipation, diarrhea, and cramping, to gas and digestive stress, these drugs don't just affect cholesterol levels. For those that decide to try and weather this digestive storm regardless, additional, irritations and medical interventions become needed for these new-found issues.

3. Sleep and Energy Issues - For those living with cholesterol concerns, the last ailments we need to add to the mix are the additional problems of sleeplessness and low energy. For some, low energy side effects of these meds make daily function a struggle. For others, the inability to get sufficient sleep manifests through insomnia, restlessness, and other, similar issues. Sleep is the body's restorative process after all, why disturb it?

4. Mental Depreciation - Let's consider for a moment that your traditional, big-pharma cholesterol meds are working remarkably well at controlling your cholesterol levels. Within several weeks to months of use, though, you start to feel mental changes taking place that are not good. Memory loss and haziness, confusion, and even headaches are all noteworthy contributors to the list of side effects experienced by those taking these medications regularly. One more fact: we don't know if mental degradations experienced during this time can be verifiably restored later or not.

5. Severe Reactions - In addition to the seemingly never-ending list of mal-effects one risks suffering from these synthetic drug approaches, there are a number of less common yet serious and very dangerous effects that can also occur. Rhabdomyolysis is a terrible affliction that sees sufferers methodically break down in areas of muscle tissue and kidney condition. Death or a lifetime of misery can be the resulting paths one experiences taking these drugs, as confirmed by WebMD:

Exaggerated CPK levels cause a whole host of serious muscular system problems. Myositis is another terrible affliction in which the body's musculature is severely afflicted by these drugs. All of these terrible, additional disorders can be yours in addition to your cholesterol issues if your gamble with these meds doesn't pay off.

6. The Unknown - We know of so many terrifying side effects and ugly truths that are scientifically proven accompaniments to these popular medications. What's arguably even more terrifying is the fact that there is so much that we still truly don't know about these drugs. On a regular basis, we hear stories in the news and in medical journals that prove some previously unknown mal-effect that synthetic medications can have. We simply don't know every detail about how these chemicals affect the body and why until generations of test subjects and study have undergone the painful rigors of time-dependent discovery.

From what we do know and what we are still learning about these traditional, chemical remedies, it's quite the gamble to take when cholesterol is already taking its toll on the body. No one needs to create health ailments when Mother Nature already has that one covered. Holistics provide a much safer, anatomically-friendly, natural approach to ailments such as elevated cholesterol. These natural, cholesterol-managing methods come with absolutely zero chance of such ugly truths and side effects, guaranteed.

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